Eligibility for School Activity

In order to participate in the eighth grade culmination activities and receive a diploma, a student must meet the following requirements:


  • Pass all courses in grades 6th through 8th.


  • Have no more than two U's in Cooperation during the current school year. (the two U's must be from different teachers)


  • Have no more than two U's in Work Habits for the current school year (the two U's must come from different teachers)


  • Must have an attendance rate of 95%.


  • Have no MAJOR disciplinary infractions.


Students who do not initially meet requirements for participation in the School Activity and earning the Certificate of Completion during grades 6th through 8th may utilize the following options:


  • Earn a "C" of better in the second semester of the same course that demonstrates significant improvement to offset a first semester "Fail".


  • Attend and pass intersession and/or summer school to offset a Fail.


  • Engage in and successfully complete a pre-approved community service to raise work habits and cooperation marks.


  • Participate in a District provided attendance recovery program.


  • Request a review by the Culmination Appeals Committee that will be in place at the school site beginning at the first five-week marking period in the 6th grade year.