Mission Statement

School Vision and Mission


Our goal  in PioPico Middle School is to nurture and maintain a learning community that promotes; among our students, family members, and staff; a strong commitment to safety, respect, and responsibility.  We hold true to the belief that excellence in education is the minimum sought by every student, parent, and staff member; and we take pride in our professional commitment to ensuring that ALL of our students optimally develop their diverse academic talents and abilities in ways that prepare them for successas life-long scholars, responsible citizens, and contributing members of our globalized community.


We are also committed in PioPico Middle School to collaboratively create an educational environment that enriches the live of all or our stakeholders while providing sound academic experiences that develop the full potential of ALL students through the diligent teaching of standard-based curricula; reliance on rigorous and engaging instructional strategies; and focus on content-based skills and knowledge that promote academic excellence, inculcate a strong ethos of personal responsibility, and train students to become critical thinkers bound for success in college, careers, and beyond in our global society. 







  • Treating others with respect


  • Finding peaceful solutions


  • Listening to each other


  • Being drug free


  • Keeping our school clean and beautiful


  • Having healthy friendships


  • Producing my own work


  • Maintaining honesty and integrity


  • Showing empathy and compassion


  • Appreciating our differences


  • Respecting the property of others


  • Engaging in safe activities



1. Learn and follow school and classroom rules.


2. Solve conflicts appropriately, without physical or verbal violence.


3. Keep a safe and clean campus that is free of graffiti, weapons, and drugs.


4. Serve as positive role models and help create a positive school environment.


5. Report any bullying, harassment, or hate-motivated incidents.


6. Display good sportsmanship on the athletic field, and on the playground.


7. Attend school on time, with school books, and supplies, and be prepared to learn.


8. Keep social activities safe.