Library Policy

Students may use the library during nutrition and lunch, before school from 7:30 and after school until 4:00 as long as there are no classes, meetings, or testing at those times. There are computers available for student use; however, a parent or guardian must first sign the Acceptable Use Policy. Students may check out various board games in the library during free times. Students may check out library books. Textbooks are also available for students to read in the library only and may not be checked out. LIBRARY RULES:


Respect adults and other students


No bad language, threats, or fighting


Books are checked out for two weeks and can be renewed up to two times.


Students must pay for lost books or books maliciously damaged.


Students pay fines for overdue books (10 cents per day per book).


Students who are delinquent (overdue books, lost/damaged books, or fines) will not be allowed to participate in activities (including Culmination) until they have cleared their library records.


Students may be sent to the library for independent research during class times.


No more than 5 students per class may be sent to the library'.


All students must have a pass when coming to the library during class times


Students who come without work or who are not on task will be sent back to class.


Misuse of computers (inappropriate sites, threats, harassment, vulgar language) will result in suspension of computer use for all students for 2 weeks.


Students caught misusing computers face a call home to parents and possible suspension.