Discipline and Code of Conduct

Discipline is an essential element of the total educational program. Students, staff, and parents must, adhere to all the rules and regulations established at the school. By working together, we can provide a safe, pleasant and academically rewarding environment where students can achieve maximum success. Students will be expected to display positive attitudes toward rules and show courtesy to all people


Before School: Students may not enter the buildings before 7:20, during nutrition or during lunch, except for the following reasons:


  • An emergency


  • To clear an absence


  • See a teacher


Leaving the Classroom: Students may leave the classroom during class only with a hall pass signed by the teacher or signed school pass/summons.


Behavior in the Halls: Students are to move quietly in the corridors. Individuals need to be able to easily move from class to class, so please avoid stopping and blocking the hallway.


Clearing the halls at nutrition and lunch: All students must be out of the halls within five minutes of the bell.


Entering the buildings during nutrition and lunch periods: Students may not enter the building except to go to the attendance office, administration office or counseling office.




Before School: Students may enter the Arlington Gate beginning at 7:00 a.m. and the Arlington/Van Ness Gate at 7:15 a.m.


  • Students are not to use the main front door of the school in the morning.


  • Students are not allowed in the buildings before 7:20 am.


Skateboards or Scooters: Skateboards and Scooters are not allowed on campus. If a student is found with a skateboard, it will be confiscated.


Eating Areas: All students must eat in the covered lunch area. No 8th grader should be in the 6th or 7th grade classroom areas (including the restrooms) during their lunchtime. Students are not allowed in the staff cafeteria.


Nutrition and Lines: You may not get someone else's food, each person is to get their own food.


  • Only students waiting in line to get food are allowed in the lunch lines.


  • Cutting in line or saving places for friends will not be permitted.


  • Students are to eat in areas away from the food lines.


Use of Grounds: It is each student's responsibility to help in keeping hall and grounds neat and clean.


  • Each student is required to throw all trash away and clean spills after nutrition and lunch.


  • There is no eating or drinking allowed in the restrooms, or in the classrooms.


  • Benches are not to be moved, stood on, or jumped over.


  • Throwing rocks, food, drink bottles or any other item is reason for suspension.


  • Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere on campus.


  • Hands off Policy: Pio Pico has a strict hand's off at all times policy.


Assembly Standards: Attending assemblies is a privilege; not a right. Remember, with privilege, comes responsibility. Assemblies are held during class time; therefore, the expectations that apply in the classroom also apply at the assembly. Remember to show your Panther pride and appreciation for the speaker or performer by always doing the following:


  • Taking your seat quickly and quietly;


  • Remaining orderly and respectful throughout the assembly;


  • Showing your appreciation for the speaker or program by applauding only at the appropriate times;

  • Waiting for dismissal instructions and exiting quietly.


iPods/MP3 Players: Students should not bring iPods/MP3 or any other form of technology besides cell phones to school. Doing so may result in confiscation during the school day, and a parent or guardian must come to the school to retrieve the item.


  • The school or district is not responsible for loss or stolen items (including those in lockers).