Interventions to Support Promotion

Students at risk of not meeting grade level standards are identified early in the school year and offered a variety of interventions for assistance:


  • Classroom instruction with the teacher assisting students in small groups and individually.


  • Pio Pico is an RTI2 Cohort School. Therefore, our instructional plan is framed around a Multi-Tiered/Problem-Solving Process. Embedded in this plan is the use of the problem solving process for providing effective core instruction and intervention (Tier 1) and the systematic provision of targeted interventions (Tier 2&3). We currently provide intensive support through Accelerated Academic Literacy as well as support in Mathematics to all students needing Tier 3 intervention (two-period block).



In addition, we provide Tier 2 interventions (one elective period plus core English and Mathematics) by offering Academic Literacy, English Language Skills, Learning Center, or Reading Elective.


Additional instruction providing academic support for students beyond the regular instructional day


Before and after school tutoring is available for additional assistance.