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Parent Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to an exciting year at Pio Pico Middle School. My name is Jared Breuer and I teach 7th and 6th Social Studies. I am eager to meet all of you and look forward to a fun and engaging school year.


I believe that every student is capable of exceptional work. My expectations match this belief. With the proper encouragement and assistance, students are capable of remarkable achievements. Students will be accountable for active participation, original thought, and critical analysis. In Middle School, students focus on active engagement with the text. They are required to analyze, identify, define, explain, and critique rather than merely understand, describe, use, know, and distinguish as they were asked to do in elementary school. Students are expected to put forth maximum effort and to be responsible for their actions, materials, and assignments.


I believe that parents and teachers must be able to communicate effectively. I will send notes home in your child’s planner and will read any replies written in the planner. I can be reached by e-mail at jnb4809@lausd.net. If you prefer, call me at school 323-733-8801 and I will return your call. Together, we can best support your child’s academic and emotional growth.


Students will need paper, pen or pencil, and colored pencils. In addition, students need to bring school provided workbooks and an independent reading book to each class session.


My grading policy is as follows:


Students accumulate points from each assignment to earn grades, whose cumulative total determines final grades. You will have tests, essays, projects, class presentations, class work, homework, and other assignments. Class participation is essential. Class participation includes attendance and excellent effort in class discussions, and activities.   Each student begins with 100% participation for the semester (about 10% of your final grade), which will only be added into the final semester grade.


GRADE SCALE:            A=90-100, B=80-89, C=66-79, D=55-65, F=54 and below.


WORK HABITS: E= Few if any missing or late assignments, S= several missing or late assignments, U= many missing or late assignments


COOPERATION: E= Daily participation in class, exemplary behavior, S= Regular participation, minimal behavior issues, U= limited participation, several behavior problems.


I am excited to work with your children this year and I am committed to putting forth my best effort to enable every student to enjoy a successful year.



Mr. Breuer