Maria Barba » Hi! I'm Ms. Barba!

Hi! I'm Ms. Barba!

6th Grade Social Studies
We're going to look waaaaay into the past. What makes up a society? This class will explore how ancient societies have evolved (changed over time! The topics of agriculture (food + environment/ geography), technology (tools), and socialization (politics, economic practices, religion/philosophy. and social relationships) will provide a framework to compare and contrast major civilizations. Using critical thinking skills, we will question why some civilizations thrived while others declined. Lastly, we are going to examine how these principles of society still affect us today as people. 
Welcome! Your role as a developing leader is an important one here at Pio Pico! Everyone has the potential to lead, and every day provides you with opportunities and possibilities to lead. In this class you will be actively engaged in activities such as participating in group discussions, planning and implementing school activities & fundraisers, creating the yearbook by capturing our school's spirit, and partaking in important decision making for our school. As you learn how to integrate your leadership skills into your everyday life, you will become more confident in your potential and your abilities as a leader. How can you be a leading factor for change?